Artwork antics!

The last couple of weeks have been very messy in Year 5!

We have created a batik inspired piece of art, and we are all very pleased with what we have produced! We started by experimenting with materials – lots of ripping, gluing, re-ripping and re-gluing – to help us better understand how to produce various textures and patterns using the same materials.

Next, we looked carefully at our brief, which was to create artwork inspired by ‘a journey down the River Tyne’, which led to many fantastic interpretations! We produced four designs, before evaluating the pros and cons of each, and choosing a final design.

Then the fun really began! We created a paste by mixing flour and water, and decanted it into thin nozzled squeezy bottles. We (very carefully!) drew our designs on to the fabric, and left it to dry. A couple of days later, we used Brusho to colour in our artwork. We waited for them to dry (again!) before pulling the paste off, to reveal our fabulous batik patterns below!

We worked really hard, and our evaluations show how proud we are of all the work we have produced!


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