‘Make a Fiver Grow’

This week, Year Six have started working on an enterprise project, ‘Make a Fiver Grow’.

The project involved the children working in teams of between three and six children to set up a company and decide on a product or a service they would provide to customers. Each group will receive a £5 pledge to help them get started and buy any materials/resources that they will need. At the end of the project the profits made will be used for a treat (yet to be decided!)

To begin with, the children learnt about the skills they would need to have a successful business: it was decided that communication and inter-personal skills were particularly important. The children then got themselves into a group and brain stormed ideas of products and services they could sell. Each group had to collaboratively make a decision about what product or service they would sell. A business name and logo was then created by every group. In order to try to establish whether products and their prices would be successful, the groups created their own questionnaires which they used to survey children and staff from across the school, including Mr Malik. Following this, the results were analysed. The final activity for this week was to create a business plan showing what each business would sell and aimed to achieve. The children have shown creativity and determination when coming up with their ideas.

Look out for more information next week about where and when the products will be on sale! We can’t wait to see our budding entrepreneurs selling their products.

Article 29: We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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