Pineapple Exotics UK Visit Nursery

Today we have some very special visitors in Nursery – lots of amazing animals!

Shannon and Lee, from Pineapple Exotics UK, brought a huge variety of their animals into Nursery. We talked about where the animals come from around the world, where they live, what they eat and looked at some of their features. We learnt how to handle the animals safely so that everyone involved was kept safe too. The animals that visited were;
– sulcata tortoise
– horsfield tortoise
– corn snake
– bearded dragon
– leopard geko
– royal python
– giant african land snail
– gargoyle geko
– crested geko
– tree frog

We also had extra visitors too (these could not be handled by the children but they did come along so we could see them);
– tegu
– blue tongued skink
– chameleon

We didn’t have the red knee tarantula visit as it had recently shed its skin, but they did bring the shedding in a box for us to see. Did you know these animals even shed their fangs!

The children were super brave and all had a turn of either touching or handling the different reptiles we had visiting. It was a very exciting day and we hope in the future we may see them again.

Article 5 – all adults are duty bearers.

Article 13 – we have the right to share what we learn, think and feel with others.

Article 28 – we all have the right to a good quality education. 

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