Hot Chocolate with Mr Malik 2023-2024

The school has three easy to remember rules: READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE.  In recognition of those who have been following these rules to a high degree, on a daily basis, as well as trying their very best in all that they do, teachers nominate children to have time with Mr Malik where they can have hot chocolate (or juice and biscuits for Year 1 and Year 2) as a reward for all their efforts.

On a weekly basis, four children from a Year Group (two from each class), are selected and, during the time, Mr Malik will be able to talk to them about what they have achieved and how proud everyone is of them.  There is also usually time for Mr Malik to have feedback on his hot chocolate-making ability, which he is trying very hard to perfect!

The gallery below show who our superstars have been this year.


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