Our Brilliant Bodies

In PSHE, Year Two have been learning all about their bodies and how they change as they grow.

To begin, the children learned about things that can help their body and things that can harm their body. The children looked at a range of products and decided which would be helpful and which would be harmful. They decided that medicine is safe to put inside your body, but products such as washing up liquid are not. The boys and girls identified a symbol on the packaging of harmful products which tells them it is not safe to put in their body – the hazard symbol. Year Two then discussed how medicine could be harmful. The children discussed lots of reasons, including taking medicine when you don’t need it and not taking the right amount. The boys and girls understood that if they are taking medicine, they should always be with a trusted grown up.

Next, the children looked at how their bodies change as they grow. They ordered pictures from youngest to oldest to show how our appearance changes as we grow. Then, they matched statements to the person they thought would be most likely to say it – a baby, teenager or adult (etc.). The children quickly recognised that the way we communicate changes as we grow as well as our emotions and responsibilities.

Finally, the children thought about how our needs change as we grow. To begin, the boys and girls identified what a baby needs – milk, toys (etc.). Then, they thought about their needs and how these had changed as they got older. The children sorted statements to compare how a baby’s needs differ from a child’s. For example, a baby needs milk, whereas a child needs a healthy balanced diet.

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality education.

Article 24: We all have the right to information which keeps us safe and healthy.


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