This week, the children in Reception were treated to a visit from two police officers from Northumbria police service. 

The police officers talked to the children about the job that they do including how they help people and keep them safe.  They showed the children their uniforms and some of the equipment they carry, including: a body camera, radio, torch, handcuffs and baton.

The children thought of some great questions to ask the police officers enabling them to find out how they train to be a police officer and drive the police vehicles. They told us who they speak to on the radio and how they solve crimes.

During the session the children were taken outside to look in the police van.  They listened to the siren and saw the flashing lights and were able to sit in the front and the back of the van and look at some of the equipment it carries.

We now have lots of Reception children that think they might like to be a police officer when they are older.

Article 19: We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.

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