Test it Tuesday – Fire Safety in Year 4!

This week we had a representative in from Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade to talk to us about fire safety at home.

We learned about the risks we have by spotting hazards in the kitchen and in our bedrooms, and then also about how we can make sure our homes are safer such as turning off chargers and not over loading extension leads.

If there is a fire, we went through everything that the call handlers on 999 would ask and we watched a video about how fire can spread around the house.

And of course – smoke alarms!  First we listened to one and how loud and piercing the noise is!  Then we also looked at how a smoke alarm can save our lives and that we should test them every Tuesday.  Have you tested yours?

The children were great – they had some excellent questions and answers.

Article 19: We have the right to be protected and keep safe.



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