SafetyWorks! Visit

One of our schools rules is about being ‘Safe’ and, in Year 6, the children get to visit SafetyWorks! in Newcastle to re-enforce this idea of safety in their everyday life and in how they behave in the community.

As children grow older, we recognise that they will encounter different situations and risks that potentially put their safety at risk. This could be as simple as being allowed to walk home from school, to peer pressure to do the wrong thing. Safetyworks! offers the children the ideal opportunity to encounter some of these risks in a controlled environment and to learn from experts about how to deal with them. In the centre, the children have thought about anti-social behaviour and fires, water safety, road safety, the consequences of shop-lifting and also some mindfulness activities to help deal with any stress and worries. As always, their behaviour was excellent and they came away with some thought provoking messages.

Article 19: We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.

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