Dens, caves and safari adventures

This week in Nursery the children have focused on dens, caves and safari adventures. The children started this week by listening to a story called ‘Kipper’s Monster’. The children then discussed which animals make their own dens for shelter, sleep, food storage and protection i.e. bears, snakes, crocodiles and birds. This then resulted in the children making their own dens outside and acting in role of the different animals while in their dens. On Wednesday the children also talked about what a safari trip may consist of and which animals they may see on a safari trip. This week the children also discovered that they are going to take part in a Safari themed toddle to raise money for a charity called Barnardo’s and join in with some sports day races. During Forest School the children were also very lucky as they were invited to visit the new chicks that have just began hatching! While in the classroom, the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new role play food shop area and making their own safari animals and binoculars in the creative area. In the mathematics area, the children have enjoyed measuring the safari animals using cubes and in the small world area, the children have acted out safari stories with small world animals, trees, toy cars and people. Massive thank you to everyone who attended and donated money for the Big Toddle. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun doing their sports day races and taking part in the Big Toddle.

Article 17 – We all have the right to be given safe and honest information that we can understand.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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