Happy Easter

This week in Nursery the children have focused on Easter. They started this week by receiving a book called ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’ from the Easter bunny and a recipe to make crispy Easter nest cakes. The children then checked the list of ingredients and followed the recipe to make their Easter nest cakes. On Tuesday, the Easter bunny was very generous and sent a suitcase of Easter items to explore i.e. a hen, chick, bunny, an Easter egg and a book to share the Easter story. The children also discussed whether or not they celebrate Easter at home, watched a Cbeebies video to discuss how others celebrate Easter and the real meaning of it. This week the children have also made Easter cards for a person/people of their choice and learned the songs ‘chick chick chick chick chicken’ and ‘sleeping bunnies’. In the outside area, the children have been on an egg hunt, made Easter nests using leaves and participated in an egg rolling and egg and spoon competition. In the creative area, lots of children decided to collage a chick, print eggs with potato mashers, make bunny headbands and dip carrots in the orange paint to make different marks on paper. During PE, the children played Easter bunny Hoopla, which required the children to throw hoops over an Easter Bunny toy on the ground.

Article 14 – We all have the right to follow our own religion.

Article 17 – We all have the right to be given safe and honest information that we can understand.

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