This week in Nursery the children have focused on farms and new life. They started this week by listening to the story ‘Sleepy Sam’ and talking about which animals live on farms and which farm animal is their favourite. This led to the children creating a pictogram to identify which animal was the most popular farm animal in our class. Later in the week, the children learned about the jobs of people who live on the farm, recapped the names of baby farm animals and discovered how farm animals help us in various way (for example, how the milk from cows and goats can be used to make butter, cheese and yogurt. Following the children’s interests, the children have also enjoyed exploring their new mechanics and princess castle role play areas and washing and riding the bikes, scooters and cars outside. This week in the creative area, lots of children have also created different farm animals i.e. chickens, pigs and cows using paper plates, tissue paper, paint and glue. In the funky fingers area, lots of children have enjoyed feeding a range of farm animals and in the playdough area the children have been using lots of animal cutters to make different animals. This week the children have practised singing ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ and ‘Bah Bah Black Sheep’. During forest school this week, the children have participated in a worm hunt in the Nursery garden and during PE the children have focused on different animal movements and played duck duck goose.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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