Healthy Eating!

This week Year One have been learning all about healthy eating and what it means to be healthy. The children discussed how we can be healthy by having a balanced diet, drinking water and exercising. They found that all living things need food to stay alive. The pupils explored the 5 different foods groups which give us a balanced diet – fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and fats. We sorted foods into the correct groups and decided how much of each we should have. We looked at our packed lunch policy and decided what would make a healthy packed lunch. By the end of the lesson, the children knew that our bodies need food to work properly. They learnt that food gives us energy to help us learn, play and grow. The children are going to try really hard to have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day! In our books, we designed a healthy plate. Take a look below!

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality education.

Article 24 – We have the right to healthy food.


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