Jack Frost

This week the children have been on a winter walk and identified the different things they may see in winter i.e. lots of bare trees and frost. They have also discussed what they have to wear in winter to stay warm and the different weathers that happen over winter. The children also discussed how they celebrated Christmas and New Year and identified their favourite present that they received off Santa Claus. The children then thought about how they could thank Santa for their presents and wrote their own thank you letters. This involved the children drawing a picture of their favourite present and writing/making marks for their name at the bottom of the letter. They also listened to a story called ‘Jack Frost’ and were challenged to make a waterproof coat for a doll to wear. The children also enjoyed mixing white and blue together to make winter pictures and creating snowmen in the playdough area.

Article 28:  We all have the right to a good quality education.

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