Terrific Teamwork

This week in PSHE, Year Two have been learning about how to work co-operatively. The children thought carefully about what it means to work as a team and they identified that it is important to work together to achieve their goals.  They discussed the fact that we can use our own strengths to help others in our teams. The boys and girls took part in different challenges to help them to identify how to work as a team. In one challenge they had to work together with a partner to draw a spiral at the same time, using pipe cleaners as handles on their pens. This was quite tricky, but the children made sure that they communicated well with each other to be able to complete the challenge. In another challenge, they had to work in a larger team to build a tower made of cubes. Some of the team mates were allowed to see the design that they needed to copy, while other members of the team had to follow the instructions they were given, but could not see the original design. Again, the children learned that it is important to work together and communicate clearly to be able to achieve their goals. They also took part in a debate and they identified that everyone has their own opinion. They were able to debate these different ideas, respecting each sides ideas and together came to an agreement that it as best if we co-operate. The children worked really well together and have demonstrated some excellent teamwork skills.


Article 13 – We all have the right to share what we learn, think and feel with others.



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