Snow much fun!

This week has been SNOW much fun! The children have decorated their Christmas cards and talked about who they would like to give their card to and were very excited to play in the snow. The children have continued to enjoy writing Christmas cards and letters to others and posting them in our post box. They have also continued to enjoy weighing presents and designing their own Christmas cards and stamps. This week the children have been given their important roles in their Nativity and they have been fantastic at singing and saying their lines. Unbelievably, Elvis, their naughty elf, has continued to play tricks on them this week. For example, On Monday, the children found Elvis at the top of their Christmas tree, on Tuesday Elvis sprayed snow all over himself and the dinosaurs and on Wednesday he drew moustaches on Miss Bloomfield and Mrs Anderson’s pictures. This week the children also enjoyed wearing their Christmas accessories or jumpers and talking about the different colours and patterns they could see. The children have worked on their scrunching, painting and pouring skills by making Christmas wreaths and hot chocolate for their friends. In the funky finger area, the children have made candy canes by threading beads through pipe cleaners and placed sequins on different types of lines on baubles. In the sand area, the children have used the diggers to transport the baubles and tinsel around the sandpit. In the reading area, lots of children have explored winter and Christmas stories and in the maths area the children have fed the reindeers 1,2 or 3 carrots at a time.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities

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