Sketching Superstars

In Year 4, the children have been experimenting with and developing their sketching skills.

First, the children experimented with different ways to make marks using a pencil. They shaded, created different lines and used their pencils to fade from a darker colour to lighter colour. Then, the children looked at images close up. They looked closely at a feather drawing and attempted to recreate this in a realistic manner. They tried lots of different techniques to see which worked to make their drawing realistic. Next, the children looked at the inside of an onion. They drew this in four different ways: 1. Using a pencil to recreate the lines they could see. 2. Using the same pencil but this time adding shading to develop their picture further. 3. Using a red pencil to copy the colour of the onion and add shading. 4. Use lots of different colours to represent the onion in a new way. Finally, the children were given a picture of laces which included a pattern on it. The children stuck the picture in their books and then continued the pattern themselves. While doing this, the children experimented with different types of sketching pencils to see how they could change their artwork (e.g. HB, B, 2B, H, 6B).

Next week, the children will learn about the artist John Brunsdon and look at his artwork. They will use his artwork as inspiration to create a final piece using all of the skills they have learnt so far.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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