Happy Halloween

What a Spooktacular three days we have had in Nursery! We began the celebration by listening to a story called ‘Meg and Mog’ and discussing what we already know about Halloween. Some of the children were then instantly drawn to the water area and made their own witch potions and some of the children had fun acting as a witch in the witch’s kitchen. The children then participated in a Halloween party, which consisted of the children dancing, eating snacks and playing party games such as musical statues. In the creative area, some children have printed pumpkins using apples and orange paint and designed skeletons using cotton buds and glue. Lots of the children also created a ghost by collaging a range of white items such as cotton wool and buds and tissue paper onto a ghost outline and added facial features to a pumpkin using a range of 2D shapes. Outside, the children were given the opportunity to complete a broom stick race and to smash the spooky frozen hands. In the sand area, some children used spades to dig for spiders and used different pumpkin cutters to make pumpkins in the playdough area. In the writing area, the children have practised writing their names in the ‘witch milk’ and in the maths area the children have enjoyed counting the number of dots on the ghosts.

Article 28:  We all have the right to a good quality education.  

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