Real Superheroes!

This week, Reception have been learning about real superheroes in the form of those who help us.


We read the story ‘Everyday Superheroes’ in our Literacy session, which showed us just some of the ‘superheroes’ that help us every single day as part of their jobs. We have talked about, and listed, the different people who have helped us such as; nurses and doctors, teacher, fire fighters, taxi drivers, paramedics, shop keepers, dentists and many more. We enjoyed talking about the different jobs people do and how important they are to us. Some children even talked about how they wanted to be a real superheroes when they grow up too!


The children have enjoyed re-enacting their experiences of doctors in the home corner where they have taken on different roles of being doctors and patients with illnesses. We have became post people in our post office where we have been weighing parcels and writing letter, as well as exploring fire stations and police stations in the small world and construction.

We have also been learning about keeping safe on the roads learning about road safety. The children used the signs on the yard and bikes to re-enact keeping safe on the roads. We then baked our own biscuits and decorated them into traffic lights.

Article 12  We all have the right to say what we think. Adults should listen and take us seriously.

Article 17 – We have the right to be given safe and honest information, which is not harmful, and that we can understand. 

Article 28 – We have the right to a good quality education. 




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