Mental Health Matters!

This week is Children’s Mental Health week, and in Year 5, we have been lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Cunningham and KS to discuss all matters mental health!

The conversation began with the children trying to articulate what mental health actually is, and they showed a great understanding. They explained that everyone has mental health, and that it is something different for everyone.

The children compared mental health and physical health, and commented that they would seek support for their physical health if they needed it, and so they should do the same for their mental health. The children were very confident in expressing who their trusted adults could be, and told Mrs Cunningham (and KS) that they would all ask for help if they felt their mental health was suffering.

It was lovely to see the children be so open about mental health, and express what they did personally in order to support their mental health (from yoga to reading!).

A huge thank you to Mrs Cunningham for coming to visit!

Article 3 – Everyone who works with children should always do what is best for the child.

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