Head Teacher’s End of Term Message

The end of term is upon us and I know that everyone is looking forward to the festivities.  Unfortunately, once again, this will be within a challenging context of Covid-19 where we must be careful in how we manage ourselves in order to reduce the risk of catching and transmitting the virus.  However, we are all very aware of this and everyone has the knowledge and experience to be able to do what is safe for them and their loved ones.  What we must try to focus on is how important these next two weeks can be for us all.

Over the holidays, it will be essential that families have the chance to relax and have fun together.  Christmas is a time in the year, more than any another, where the most important aspects are the loving relationships we have and spending time together.  Of course, the beaming smiles on children’s faces will be heart-warming when they find that Santa has brought them the presents they have wished for; however, it will be the time spent together – playing, watching TV, baking, eating, going for walks – that matters most.  For the emotional well-being of our children, we know that the time they spend with their families will be invaluable, for many reasons, and this will help them to be in a much better place for their return in January.

At Harlow Green, we always appreciate the wonderful support we receive from families, and this has been no different over the most difficult times experienced of late.  This year has, again, shown that our community is strong and that we will continue to work together in the best interests of our children which we will continue to do in January.

On behalf of the Governors and staff, I would like to wish you all the safest and most enjoyable holiday possible, which will be greatly deserved.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mr M. Malik

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