Wet Wet Wetter!

Year 4 had a great day today completing our Geography work all about Europe, finishing off our weekly Maths quizzes and spellings and jobs in the class – all in our non-uniform and amazing Children In Need attire!  Spots, ears, badges, t-shirts, onesies, pyjamas and more…..

Then we got to drench Mr Hollingworth with over 120 wet sponges!!!!!  Happy days, lots of laughs and all for a good cause.  He’s currently drying out his sock and shoes.

Thank you for all your donations – an amazing response and we await the whole school total.  This ties in really nicely as a Rights Respecting School where the children learn about living in a safe, clean environment and other rights such as being supported and helped to develop in the best possible way.  Children In Need is a charity that helps us understand how we can help and support other children to have the same rights as we do.

Article 42 – We have the right to know about our rights and the Convention.

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