Halloween in Nursery

This week we have been very busy at Nursery celebrating the festival of Halloween. We discussed what Halloween was and looked at different ways we can celebrate the festival, such as dressing up, Trick o Treating and carving pumpkins.

Our story of the week has been ‘What’s in the Witches Kitchen’. The children have loved being witches in our witch’s kitchen, and adding different ingredients to the cauldrons and thinking of spells. They have even had a go at writing their own ingredient list. We have looked at words that rhyme ‘cat, hat, bat, mat’ and added rhyming words to our potions.

In Nursery we have also looked at pumpkins. We have enjoyed carving pumpkins, pulling out all of the seeds with tweezers, and using them in the playdough area. We have also been hammering nails into pumpkins to support our fine motor skills. We even made our own pumpkins, talking about the 2Ds shapes we were adding to the faces and counting the sides.

In the small world area, we have explored a castle, looking at draw bridges, moats, dragons, crocodiles and then making our own castles in the construction area thinking about the 3D shapes we are going to use e.g. cylinders and cuboids.

Spiders have been a big discussion point in Nursery this week. We, we looked at different photographs of webs and spiders and thought about words we could use to describe them e.g sticky, wet, hairy, shiny, stripy etc. To bring our spider interest to life, we made our own spider Halloween cakes which were yummy!

On Friday, the children enjoyed coming to school dressed up for their Halloween party! We had so much fun playing spooky games and dancing to Halloween music. We loved making our own magic wands to become real witches.

Article 15 – We all have the right to friends. 

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education. 

Article 31 – We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities. 

Please enjoy looking at our photographs from the week!


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