Our School Community

In PSHE, Year Two have been learning about the importance of community. They learned that a community is a group with something in common. The children recognised they were a part of lots of communities – football teams, dancing classes and the area where they live.

This week, the children discussed our school community and who is part of it. They thought of lots of people including teachers, lunchtime supervisors and their friends.  The children learned that being part of a community allows us to support one another. With their partner, the children shared examples of when they have felt supported in school. Recently, we have collected donations as part of the Harvest Festival. The children also recognised that Children in Need and Red Nose Day are examples of how our community supports others.

For their activity, Year Two drew pictures of who is important to them in the Harlow Green Primary School community.

Article 8 – We all have the right to an identity.

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