Kidsafe in Year 3

This week in Year 3, we have had a visit from KS and Mrs Cunningham.

We talked about how we can have yucky feelings when we are scared, sad and worried.

KS and Mrs Cunningham told us a story about a time when they got lost on a walk and they were feeling sad, scared and worried. Mrs Cunningham explained how their bodies reacted differently when they had these yucky feelings. The children shared how they can feel sick, cry or freeze when they feel scared, sad or worried.

We discussed how important it is for the children to speak to a trusted adult if they have yucky feelings. The children identified that parents, teachers and grandparents could all be trusted adults.

We are looking forward to welcoming KS and Mrs Cunningham back into our classroom next half term.

Article 19 – We all have the right to be protected and kept safe


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