Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


The children in Nursery this week have enjoyed talking about themselves, their families and what their house looks like.

We linked talking about families and houses to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Together we have discussed size, using the vocabulary of ‘smaller, smaller, smallest, big, bigger and biggest’. We have matched the bowls, spoons and chairs to the mammy, daddy and baby bear in the story. The children have loved acting out the story in the home corner and in the forest. On Thursday, we even made our own porridge, we followed a recipe and took it in turns to add the ingredients and mix. Whilst the porridge was cooling down, we went on a hunt in the forest for bears and found paw prints!!! When we came back inside our porridge was ‘just right!’ and we got to choose toppings between strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce and golden syrup. The children were fantastic at trying the porridge.

As a group we liked looking at our own family photos and seeing how they are all different. We have also enjoyed building our families with different size peg dolls and playing with them in our dolls house. We now know that lots of children have pets.

Article 31- We all have the right to rest, relax and play.
Article 12- We all have the right to say what we think. Adults should listen and take us seriously. 

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