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On behalf of all the staff and Governors at Harlow Green Primary, we very much hope that families have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.  Although the weather has been mixed, the chance to spend quality time with loved ones will have been essential for recharging the batteries, after such as challenging year.

As we move towards the beginning of term with children starting on Tuesday 7th September, we would like to provide some simple reminders as we know too well that trying to remember messages shared in June/July may be difficult!  However, the information shared still remains in the context of Covid-19 and the guidance provided by Gateshead Council with a cautious approach to support the safety of our community.

School Times (Reception will have a separate transition schedule for the first week)

  • Doors will open at 8.45am (please don’t come before this time)
  • Registration is 9.00am
  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will finish at 3.15pm
  • Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will finish at 3.20pm

Entry and Exit Points

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will enter and exit from their classrooms as usual and parents should line up at the end of the day so the teacher can identify who is collecting and hand over safely.

Year 3 and Year 4 will enter and exit from the front of the school, Lamesley door.  Upon collection, parents/carers should line up on the grassed area which will be signposted for each class.

Year 5 and Year 6 will enter via the hall door and will exit by being taken to the MUGA where they will be dismissed.

Moving Around the School Site

There will no longer be a one-way system around school.  However, as contact between adults is still a risk for passing on Covid-19, the following is necessary:

  • please try to keep left on paths to allow free flow movement
  • keep appropriate space between yourself and others

Face Coverings

Although there is no requirement to wear face coverings outdoors, we would encourage/support those who wish to wear them.  When staff are out at the beginning and end of the day, they will continue to wear face coverings until further notice.


Children will be expected to adhere to full uniform requirements.

On normal days, uniform will consist of:

  • a yellow polo neck t-shirt
  • a green jumper/cardigan
  • grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
  • black shoes

On PE Days, children should come into school in their PE kits all day.  This must consist of:

  • a white round neck t-shirt
  • a green hoodie
  • black tracksuit trousers (with as little branding as possible)
  • trainers

Teachers will message parents/carers detailing the PE days for their class but there will be no PE sessions on Tuesday 7th September (first day).

As explained during the summer term, there is no longer the option of wearing other types of PE kit which was permissible during the transition period.

Pencil Cases

Children will still be required to have their own stationery and, therefore, may bring their own pencil case into school with pencils and coloured pencils.  These should be as small and flat as possible so that they can fit into the children’s trays.

Please be aware that Year 1 children will not require this to begin with.

Bags and Book Bags

Other than a water bottle and possible packed lunch, children should only need to bring their reading books and homework books into school on a regular basis.  Therefore, large bulky bags are unnecessary.  As bags and coats will be in classrooms, please consider this and keep bags to a minimum.

Organisation within School

There will be little change for the children in during the school day as we will continue with staggering breaks and lunchtimes.  This has allowed more time and space for children to eat, play and relax.

However, there will be more opportunity for children within the same Year Group to play with one another when they are scheduled to play on the MUGA.  This will occur very other week.  On the alternate weeks, classes will play separately on individual yards (due to the site design and need to supervise appropriately).

Changes to Organisation

Please be aware that all protocols and procedures are subject to change depending on various factors, especially those relating to health and safety.

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