Glorious Gibside!

On Friday, Year 5 went to Gibside! Luckily, the weather was good for most of the day so although we did get a little bit damp at lunchtime, we dried off quickly!

The classes split up and took it in turns to undertake the activities: orienteering and the low ropes.

When orienteering, the children put their map reading skills into action as they tried to find different points all around the area. It was amazing to see the children so engaged in their task, but also working so well together, sharing their thoughts and ideas and respecting the ideas of other groups. The teamwork skills were very impressive, and it made the staff very proud!

It was also great fun taking part in the low ropes! The children were incredibly supportive of one another, and remained resilient when they were struggling.

A huge thank you to our parent helpers, and well done to the children, who made the staff very proud!

Article 31 – We all have the right to relax and play

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