There’s a worm at the bottom of your garden!

The children in Nursery have enjoyed exploring worms this week, we now know that worms have no legs and travel through the soil to make tunnels and help put water into the soil. We have looked at the story of Superworm and explored worms by making our own repeating pattern bead worms. Nursery have loved looking for spaghetti worms in the soil and counting them into numbered pots and finding the matching numicon, also painting with spaghetti worms. Our favourite part of the week has been making jelly worms and eating them at snack time. In the hall we have pretending to be minibeasts and looked at how they move and travel, whether that be on all four legs, wriggling or even moving fast and slow. We are now worm experts and love to sing the Nursery rhyme ‘There’s a worm at the bottom of your garden!’

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities. 

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