Covid-19 Study Next Round: May 5th-7th

The next round of testing as part of the Covid-19 Study will take place on May 5th – 7th.  This continues our participation in the essential work being undertaken to learn as much as possible in relation to this pandemic.

Harlow Green has been seen as a great example of how a school can be involved with a strong take-up.  We would like to thank all who have been involved so far.

For anyone who has not yet been involved but would like their child to do so now (Reception to Year 6 only), the information below will help you to sign up.  The procedure children undergo simply consists of a swab just inside the nostril and sucking on a lollipop-sized sponge.  All the children who been involved have found it harmless.

How Do I Register my Child?

The information below will provide details about the study, and explains how to register if you have not done so already (if your child was signed up previously you don’t need to do anything).

Information Leaflet for PARENTS

Harlow Green Letter to Parents

The information attached explains the process and explains how to sign up.  However, the same steps for signing up are also below which may make it easier to access.

The advice is to complete the steps below on a computer or tablet rather than smartphone although we have checked this and it appears to work on phones:

1.  Read the attached information about the study and what it means for your child and your family.

2  Click link below:

Link to Harlow Green Primary School

and create an account. As a parent, please simply select ‘No’ to the initial questions asking if you are a student or member of staff and then fill in the remaining fields, providing consent as required. You will then receive two emails; one to validate your email address and one to confirm your registration.

3  Please validate your email address by clicking on the link in the sign-up validation email. Login to the system by entering your email address and password.

4  Click on ‘Child Registration Page’ and register your child/children, providing consent as required.

Your school code is: 131077

After registering your child/children, click on ‘Home’ and complete the enrolment survey for each child.

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