Head Teacher’s End of Term Message

As we finish the term, we see the days lengthening and the sunshine putting a little more spring in people’s steps; the increase in optimism is clear and welcomed.  We all understand that the whole of our community has been living through a difficult period which will eventually be one for the history books in the years to come.  Of course, we still have some way to go during which we will have various expectations upon us that we will follow in order to manage the virus and reduce the risk of transmission and illness.  Nevertheless, it is important that people reflect on how amazing they have been and how each person has made sacrifices for the greater good of our local, national and international communities.

Last week, in class, we were able to focus on many positive aspects with the children in relation to what they and their families have achieved during lockdown.  Children were able to describe a range of successes even though they knew things were not as they would be in “normal” times.  We are aiming to finish the week with children continuing to smile and looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing two-week break where they will eat Easter eggs and have greater opportunities to be outside, safely.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and carers who continue to do all they can to support school whilst managing their own personal circumstances.  This support is invaluable in the aim to create a school environment which can provide the setting for children to thrive.

As a small gift for Easter, your child will bring home a Cadbury’s Creme Egg today.  We hope that they (or someone in the household!) will enjoy it.

Additionally, as a memento of this period of time, we are giving each child a medal.  This is in recognition of all that the children have done and had to manage.  Our intention is that children will be able to look upon this item, in future years, and remember all that they had achieved and how they acted as little superheroes to help themselves and others!

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”


Coretta Scott King (American Author and Civil Rights Activist: Click the image to read more)

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That's lovely what a brilliant idea x

Thank you so much to Mr Malik and all of the staff at Harlow Green for their ongoing support. It really is appreciated. The medal is a lovely touch and I’m sure it will be treasured by all of the children. Enjoy the break!

What a great idea, I love the medal and so does my son who is proudly wearing it round the house. Have a lovely restful Easter break.

What a lovely treat for our children, thank you 😊

What a wonderful idea!! Thank you!

This is so lovely, such a thoughtful kind thing to do. Amazing school and amazing teachers. Thank you for everything you do and enjoy the Easter break.

What an absolutely brilliant idea to let all our children know how amazing they’ve done this term, thank you

Aww this is lovely.

Ah how lovely.
A massive Thank you to Mr Malik & all the staff at Harlow Green School for helping our children & their family’s to get through this last crazy year! Your all superstars. Hope you all have a fantastic Easter break. You all deserve it!!


You have done an amazing job supporting us all through home learning and lockdown. Thank you so much to all of the staff for their continued efforts and enthusiasm.

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