Year 3 Self-isolation Schedule: Week Beginning 08.03.21

If your child is absent from school due to isolation (or for other reasons) they should access work from the timetable below.

Whichever day your child is not in school, these are days your child should access.  Some activities have links which will direct you to web pages whilst other work will relate to programs your child has access to already through their regular Home Learning.

The class teacher will be contactable via Class Dojo (around their class commitments).  If there are any issues with the work, please contact the teacher who will try and provide the necessary support.


Iron Man – scanned copy of text

11.03.21 – silly sentences

12.03.21 – images to describe

12.03.21 – table for vocabulary



09.03.21 Times tables Rockstars sheets

10.03.21 Count in 25 and 50s

11.03.21 Count in 10s and 20s

12.03.21 Arithmetic



09.03.21 – Science Muscle Investigation

09.03.21 – Science Muscles PowerPoint

10.03.21 – RE Purim pictures

10.03.21 – RE Purim

10.03.21 RE Purim mask templates



08.03.21 – prefix dis


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