Superheroes Return

After such a long wait, it has been a great day having all our children back again!

Watching the children come through the gates with smiles on their faces (even if there was some apprehension!) was wonderful.  However, the best time has been observing the children at break/lunch when they have been able to play once more with their friends.  The yards hosted laughter, excitement and movement as children ran around in a blur whilst using their imaginations to play a wide variety of games.

This morning, I delivered an assembly which focused on how the children have acted like superheroes over the lockdown.  I explained how each of them has played an essential role in fighting Covid-19 by sacrificing many aspects such as schooling and their normal freedoms (see assembly video below).   Although the children have been magnificent in this, it is time for them to simply be children again and we look forward to continuing to support them to do just that over the coming days and weeks.

Mr Malik

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