Information for children about returning to school

As children who have been Home Learning prepare this week to return to school, we wanted to provide some materials that parents/carers may be able to use over the next few days to help their children remember what it is like at Harlow Green and understand why they are returning now.

Firstly, as we did ready for September, there is a video book which parents/carers can watch and read with their children (see below).  This is similar to the previous version but updated for the current situation.

Hopefully, this resource will be a stimulus for further discussions at home and a way of positively talking about how fantastic it will be to return to school once again.

Secondly, there is a ‘Back to School’ book (in PDF form) from ELSA (Emotional Literacy) which explains a lot about the current situation but in a very child friendly way.

Please use these with your children s you see appropriate.


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