Covid-19 Study Restart March 17th-19th

As you will probably remember, Harlow Green agreed to take part in an important study regarding Covid-19 which involved Covid-19 tests and antibody tests for staff and children.  That programme was suspended for this lockdown period but will be restarting as children return.

At Harlow Green, we had approximately a third of pupils signed up which was positive but the team are now looking to increase that as much as possible.

I understand that people may feel that we are coming out of the pandemic and, therefore, think that there is little need for this.  However, this study will provide valuable information about a range of aspects relating to coronavirus and pandemics which could lead to a high level of understanding by scientists.  There is concern that these types of infections could continue and all countries want to be in a position where they can have systems in place which prevent the need for such drastic action that we have seen this year.  This is an opportunity to be involved in something which will support us all within society, especially schools.

The information below will provide details about the study, reassure you that the procedure is not invasive for children and explain how to register if you have not done so already (if your child was signed up previously you don’t need to do anything).

The next round of testing is planed for March 17th-19th.

How can my child take part?

Information Leaflet for PARENTS

Harlow Green Letter to Parents

The information attached explains the process and explains how to sign up.  However, the same steps for signing up are also below which may make it easier to access.

The advice is to complete the steps below on a computer or tablet rather than smartphone although we have checked this and it appears to work on phones:

1.  Read the attached information about the study and what it means for your child and your family.

2  Click link below:

Link to Harlow Green Primary School

and create an account. As a parent, please simply select ‘No’ to the initial questions asking if you are a student or member of staff and then fill in the remaining fields, providing consent as required. You will then receive two emails; one to validate your email address and one to confirm your registration.

3  Please validate your email address by clicking on the link in the sign-up validation email. Login to the system by entering your email address and password.

4  Click on ‘Child Registration Page’ and register your child/children, providing consent as required.

Your school code is: 131077

After registering your child/children, click on ‘Home’ and complete the enrolment survey for each child.

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