Year 4 Well-Being Week

This week we have enjoyed seeing the things you have been doing at home as part of Well-being week.  The week was designed to allow the children, parents and carers some time away from screens, encourage a range of different and varied activities and to focus on the five pillars of Well-being from the NHS website.

  • Taking Notice/Mindfulness
  • Giving to others
  • Keep Learning New Skills
  • Being active and healthy
  • Connecting to Others

We have seen so many wonderful things going on across the week and talked about it on our weekly Teams Meets.  Children have been learning new skills, being active and healthy, connecting via Teams, postcards and telephone calls and also taking time to share, give back and notice what is around them!  And the added bonus of a lot of snow!!!!

We have posted a half term video on Dojo so don’t forget to take a look!

Have a great half term and we will see everyone back online on Tuesday 23rd.  Please note the groups will be changed so the children get to chat with others too, so please look out for the email on Monday 22nd February with the link on.  The times for sessions will be 1045 and 1105 as they currently are, but your time might have swapped.

Year 4 team.

Article 29 – develop a child’s personality, talents and abilities.

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