Covid-19 Study: Survey to Complete

We really appreciate your co-operation and participation in the Covid-19 study during the first term.  The aim is that this will continue once schools are fully reopened.

In order for the scientists to get the full use of the data from this study, we need all those who have been involved to complete the participants questionnaire, as soon as possible, that you will find in your account on the portal.

You can access the questionnaire by using your log in details, which are the email address you used to sign up to the study with and the password that you set – if you’ve forgotten that password you can use the password reset function to enable you to access it.

The analysis from this study will help us work out the best way to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and minimise transmission in schools for the long term.

Once again we really appreciate your help in this study.

Mr Malik

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