Supporting Children with Home Learning

Next week, on February 2nd 2021, it is officially Groundhog Day in the United States of America .  Anyone who has seen the film of the same name will know that the term ‘Groundhog Day’ has come to represent the repeating of the same day over and over and over again.  I am sure that many of us feel like this is a good description of the world we are now living in with lockdown in place and, especially, for those involved in home learning.

Although keeping children at home is a necessary element in the fight against Covid-19, the challenges of trying to support children in their learning at home are high and constant.  At Harlow Green, we are aware of these challenges and will continue to work to provide a blended approach that supports children to access an appropriate education whilst, when issues arise, supporting parent/carers where we can.

For many different reasons, home learning can be difficult; essentially, home is not school and, therefore, the two will inevitably have to be treated differently.  However, there are common aspects to both and there are elements which, if applied in a way appropriate to your context, will help in creating the environment for families to manage until we can safely see the return of all our children once again.

Below is a link to a booklet, provided by Gateshead Council, which shares information and guidance that may help support children to be focused on the learning process over this time.  This document does not contain a miraculous solution to the situation but, if applied with consideration, may help make the process run more effectively for everyone.

If there are queries about your child’s learning, remember that you can contact your class teacher.

Distance Learning support leaflet

Stay Safe,

Mr Malik

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