Covid Anti-body Testing UPDATE

The school closures in England announcement has meant that the Covid-19 Infection Survey team are unable to attend the school before February half term to carry out the third round of testing.

In the interim period, the team will focus on inviting new participants and catching up with those who missed tests previously (e.g. absent from school).  These individuals will be sent antibody home test kits to all be administered by parents/carers.

It is more important than ever we find out how many school pupils and staff have the COVID-19 infection, how many have developed antibodies against the virus and how this changes over the course of the year.

For people who newly enrol onto the Schools Infection Survey (SIS) or missed previous testing rounds, a test kit will be sent to their home address with full step-by-step instructions on what to do.

For pupils, this is a simple an oral fluid (saliva) sample and merely involves putting a small sponge into the mouth for two minutes to test for the antibodies against the COVID-19 virus.

A home testing kit will be sent to those eligible participants over the coming weeks.

If you have not signed your child up to the survey and would like to participate, please open the poster below and click on the link after reading the information.

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