Head Teacher Update 05/01/2021

I would like to thank parents/carers for their understanding and support during this complicated and challenging period.  Things have changed so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up and, at the moment, fully comprehend exactly where we are.  I know that this must have caused great turmoil for families in relation to work, school and health.

However, because of your support and swift actions, today we have been able to cater for a limited group of children, as intended by the Government’s decision.  This means that we are greatly reducing the risk to children, their families and our staff of transmitting and catching the virus.

We very much appreciate that many parents/carers who are Key Workers have not requested a place due to having another parent/carer at home or they themselves working from home.  We know that this is not easy, but it is the right thing to do to keep everyone as safe as possible.

It is our role, during this Lockdown, to provide the provision for Key Workers who have no option but to send their children into school whilst we also provide Home Learning support for all others.  Staff are committed to this and we will develop our provision to create the consistency that both aspects require.

Key Worker Place Requests

With your help, we will continue to keep numbers accessing school low to protect staff, children and the families of those who must use us in order to fulfil their important work.

To manage this effectively we will require the following:

  • Key Worker parents/carers should only send their children into school on the days they need.
  • Where there is a parent/carer at home, even if they are working from home, they should not send their children into school.
  • Key Worker parents/carers must complete the on-line Key Worker Request form, on a weekly basis, in advance (the form will open on a Thursday and close at 1pm on a Friday). This will be available via the homepage of our website every Thursday and Friday.  A separate form must be completed for each child.

Thank you again for all that you are doing personally in the battle against the virus and in supporting us as a school.

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