Christmas Fun!

Hoorah!  It’s nearly Christmas and this week Year One have had so much fun starting to celebrate this festivity.  It all kicked off on Tuesday with our annual Christmas dinner.  The children enjoyed pulling Christmas crackers and telling jokes whilst tucking into their roast turkey (with all the trimmings of course!).  On Wednesday all of the pupils were able to watch an orchestrated performance called “The Bear and the Piano.”  They learnt so much about the names of different instruments and also what each instrument sounds like.  Later on it was party time.  The children looked amazing in their finest party clothes and they each had a photo taken next to the Christmas tree.  Everyone loved playing party games – pass the parcel, corners, musical chairs and musical statues.  We even had time for a dancing competition!  Afterwards all the boys and girls enjoyed a delicious party tea.

Article 31: I have the right to relax, play and take part in a range of activities.

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