Road Safety Week

This week at Nursery we have been looking at Road Safety, discussing different types of crossings, how to cross safely, and people who help us – lollipop men and women as well as policemen and women.

The children have enjoyed exploring the construction area and small world area, looking at different vehicles, crossings, and road signs. We have acted out lots of different scenarios to ensure we stay safe when outside near traffic.

Nursery went outside on the yard and created and together we created an obstacle course with cones, practicing their bike and scooter skills going in and out/weaving. We then added a STOP and GO sign, as well as a zebra crossing to practice our road safety knowledge, pretending we were driving real bikes and cars.

The children created lovely vehicle pictures with different types of wheels and tracks. They also enjoyed created different types of transport in the junk modeling area.

Adjective day – On Wednesday the children enjoyed coming into school dressed as a describing word. We all talked about what word we could use to describe what we were wearing, thinking about colours and patterns. We used our senses of eyes and touch to think of words. The children went on a scavenger hunt outside and inside to look for different objects that were ‘fluffy’ ‘spikey’ etc.

Article 19 – We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.

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