Year 4 Self-Isolation Schedule 16th – 20th November

Attached is a timetable with an overview of the week.  Click on the image to open the PDF.

The learning has been simplified from school and some of it is using slightly different resources to what we usually do however it should allow children to be more independent in their learning once they are up and running.  There are more pieces of work on MyMaths to do and more from CGP.


Please follow the timetable for guidance for each day.  Resources are attached here;

Spellings – Spellings 13.11.20.

Monday – Adjective-Word-Mat

Tuesday / Wednesday – Fronted adverbials word mat

Synonyms for said word mat

Thursday – Thursday – Conjunctions board


Please follow the above timetable for guidance on work this week in Maths.  Resources if needed are attached below;


Column addition and subtraction questions – carrying and exchanging

Column addition and subtraction questions – no carrying or exchanging

Times Table Rockstars:

Focus this week is the 5 times tables.

If you want to do a daily Times Table Rockstar challenge the same way we do in lessons, then attached are sheets that we would have used for the 3 session in class.  Parents can carers can access the music we play in class here.

5 times table – questions

5 times table – answers



Develops from last week with additional colours and shading techniques.  Read the notes on the attached slides.

Home learning – art week 2


Home Learning – Europe

Home learning – blank Europe map

Mr Hollingworth is available via Class Dojo during the week,  Please contact me if you have any queries.

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