Halloween in Nursery

With Halloween being in the half term we decided to celebrate Halloween this week to get us excited for our half term. When looking at Halloween we have based this around the stories of ‘What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?’, ‘Funny Bones’ and ‘Spinderella’.   We have discussed what Halloween is, how we celebrate it and different representations. We talked about how Halloween makes us feel and why we might be scared, including spiders. The children have looked at the artist ‘Yayoi Kusama’, his work involves covering pumpkins in spots. In our fine motor area, we added lots of circle spots and the children have enjoyed peeling off the stickers and decorating our pumpkins.

What’s in the Witches Kitchen – The children have taken a great interest in witches and spooky potions during their play, and have made lots of recipes in the home corner, water tray and in the mud kitchen outside.  We then wrote our own recipes, adding and counting spooky objects into our cauldron.

Funny Bones – The children have also taken an interest in looking at ‘Funny Bones’, we have talked about our bones and how inside our bodies we have a skeleton. Our human sized skeleton in the classroom has been a great hit, naming the bones and seeing if we could then feel them in our bodies. We ended the day learning the ‘Dem Dancing Bones’ dance, shaking all of our body parts.

Spinderella – When looking at Spinderella, the children were interested in how spiders trap flies in their webs to eat them. We made our own spider webs by threading wool through the holes in a circle shape! On our Halloween dressing up day, we made spider crispy cakes and counted 8 legs onto them.

Our last day of half term, the children loved dressing up in Halloween costumes and sharing with their friends what they were! We went into the hall to do some spooky dancing, as well as obstacle courses.


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