Our Families

In Nursery we plan around ‘children’s interests’ as well as a topic, however the children had a big interest in talking about their families and themselves which linked into our theme of ‘My World and Me’. We have had a week discussing ‘families’ and based this around the stories of ‘Stick Man’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

Maths- We have been focusing on size this week, discussing ‘big, medium, small’ as well as discussing different words we can use for these terms. This lended itself to the 3 bears in the story and talking about the different sizes of people in our family. The children have also enjoyed ordering each other from smallest to biggest, comparing each other to being ‘baby bears’ if small and ‘daddy bears’ if big. We have also looked at different sized objects such as chairs and bowls, which our home corner has now became The Three Bear’s Cottage, which the children have enjoyed eating their porridge.

Topic – We have discussed different types of families, as all of our families are different. The children enjoyed sharing their photos of their families to their friends and talking about their favourite things to do with their families and their favourite bedtime stories.

Gross Motor- The children went on a stick hunt, looking for different sized sticks to put into our classroom provision. Today we have created our very own stick men families, looking at the smallest sticks for themselves, and the bigger sticks for their adults, discussing who was bigger/smaller to create a ‘family portrait’.

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