Request for All Children to Have a Book Bag

With new systems in place, children have only selected items to bring to-and-from school.  On a daily basis, they should have:

  • A coat
  • A water bottle
  • Their reading book
  • A packed lunch if not having a school dinner

As all items must be placed in the classroom, there is no room for a class full of large bags.

It is important that reading books are protected from the poor weather but stored easily/safely in the classroom.  Therefore, we request that all children have a book bag in which to carry their book.  A book bag will also allow other items to be carried (e.g. a new Spelling and Grammar book for Home Learning Y1-Y6, letters etc.).

If your child does not already have a book bag, please could you ensure that your child has one by Friday 25th September.

Book bags can be purchased in school but also from various retailers.

We appreciate your support in this matter.

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