Starting Year 1

As parents/carers will understand, last year’s Reception cohort did not complete the Early Years curriculum and this will have an impact on how we must support their start in Year 1.  In the normal course of transition to Year 1, children do not move immediately onto the National Curriculum and the expectations of an infant class, but given the context this will be even more the case this year.

Children moving to Year 1 will be provided with a ‘negotiated curriculum’.  This means that, within the day, children will take part in a range activities chosen by themselves as well as the teacher.  This will have a familiarity to them as it will be similar to how they worked in Reception.  There will still be a daily focused English and maths session as well as phonics but Year 1 will not be sitting at desks in rows like the older children.

This organisation of the curriculum and design of the classrooms allows children, within a familiar context, to develop their confidence and to continue to develop the skills and knowledge that was not possible over the spring and summer terms.

Within this set up, each Year 1 class will remain as their own separate bubble; however, like with Reception, because of the organisation, there will be some resource sharing between children within each class.  Within the day, the children will still have scheduled hand washing times as well as sessions to support their understanding of safety and cleanliness.

We are very much looking forward to the children returning to school and we hope this information helps parents/carers to understand that they will come into a situation which they are familiar with and will support them to enjoy school once more.

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