Supporting Learning Over the Summer

Recently, we have had queries from parents/carers regarding work that children can do over the summer break, particularly this year, because of the situation we have had over the last four months.  It is important for us to understand that everyone is in a different place for this and that, whatever we provide, this will simply be guidance and suggestions, which families can choose to use if they wish.

Many people will feel that their children have missed valuable education and will start their new year group in a more difficult position.  However, it is important to clarify, the majority of children are in a similar position as they have all had their learning impacted.  At the same time, there are children across the country who will have worked on the programmes provided by their schools and will have continued to practise and embed basic skills so that they will be prepared to swiftly learn in class upon a full return.

Over the holidays, we want children to relax and have fun, especially as the ability to be outside to a greater level is provided.   In addition to this, we understand that part of rebuilding children’s confidence could be with helping them to engage in small amounts of work so that they feel a little more prepared for their new class.  Inevitably, this will be dependent upon the child.

With this in mind, we have provided options for anyone who feels that building learning activities into the next few weeks, will help their family situation:


Reading is the Key.  Thankfully, supporting reading is also the easiest aspect.

  • Children should read daily – New books, old books, newspapers, magazines etc., whatever it is, regular reading will support fluency and vocabulary development which will support across all aspects of school.
  • Adults should read with their children – Regularly, sharing stories and modelling enjoyment and engagement is one of the most powerful learning experiences that can be promoted by parents/carers.
  • Reading Plus – In Year 3 to Year 6, Reading Plus will be accessible until August 31st when it will then be reset for September. Children would hugely benefit from accessing this, three times per week for 20min sessions.  The power of this programme cannot be underestimated, particularly compared to the ease of use.   What we have seen so far is that those children who have used it have made great progress in basic reading and comprehension.
  • Lexia – For children currently in Year 1 and Year 2, Lexia still will be available which will support with phonic based activity and some comprehension.


For anyone who would like to do some maths activities, you can find Year Group specific workbooks which are downloadable by clicking on the White Rose Maths picture below.   The activity books are simply laid out and contain answers in the back.

Other Areas

Families will be engaging in all manner of activities over the holidays, from playing games to engaging in crafts, from watching TV together to visiting new places.  Anything that you engage in with your children will support learning and understanding.  The interaction between parent/carers and their children will always impact on their personal development but also their knowledge and understanding of the world.  Parents/carers should understand that we value the everyday quality time you spend with your children, which will support your them to grow and improve in many ways that the education system can never measure.

Pencil Cases

To reduce shared resources, we are encouraging children to bring in their own pencil case.  We will provide the majority of stationery but it would be helpful if children brought in their own coloured pencils.

It is important that we have a consistent approach to this so please read and follow the guidance document below..


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