Year 4 – Goodbye

As we come to the end of this academic year, Mr Hollingworth, Mrs Old and Mrs Blinkhorn wanted to pass on our fond farewells to our fantastic year group and wish you all a safe and pleasant summer.  We will see you all again soon and be able to hear your stories and tales of what you have been up to whilst many of you have been off school!!  It has been our pleasure to enjoy many things with you this year including Pantomime trips, Hindu temple visits, fabulous times table progress, science experiments, Viking house building, painting, pastel colouring, fantastic writing, class story time, Christmas plays, swimming progress, class debates, mountain making and much, much more!

We also of course want to thank Mrs Williams who left us at Christmas and has been doing an amazing job working at the QE Hospital – supporting and caring for many local families over the last few months and continues to every day.  Mrs McKenna joined us for several weeks up to Easter as well and we send our best regards from all of us and the children too.

I hope over the summer you enjoy some time safely with friends and family and you and your friends will get the chance to meet up again eventually to have a good catch up and play.  If you are using online games and ways to communicate, remember what we teach you about being careful, safe and letting a responsible grown up know about anything that worries you, looking after each other and being kind, supportive and caring.  Plus, don’t forget to do your bit around the house to help who ever is looking after you – these are unusual times for everyone and I’m sure they’ll appreciate your help!

Stay safe, make the best of the summer what ever you end up doing and we will (fingers crossed) see you all in September!  I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Year 5 and make us proud of the fantastic progress you made this year, both at school and learning from home.

Mr Hollingworth, Mrs Old and Mrs Blinkhorn.

Letter Mr Hollingworth

Letter Mrs Blinkhorn Mrs Old

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