Year 6 Weekly English and Maths – 13/7/20


In English, we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text. This week will be a little different as it is the last week and we will be focusing our English work around a series of Leaver’s memory tasks.

Text – Leaflets to Persuade and Inform


The following link contains a leaflet about the Urban Wildlife Trust, a comprehension activity and various other activities that you are welcome to complete that are based upon an understanding of the text.

Urban Wildlife Trust

Grammar Focus

Creating a bullet pointed list with the correct punctuation. Experiment and write your own lists using bullet point. Use the different styles and decide upon the one that you prefer. You might want to link the lists to things that are in school.

Bullet Point List Ideas

Bullet point Lists

Writing Task

What I’m Looking For:

  • Use expanded noun phrases.
  • Use a bullet pointed list.
  • Include persuasive language.
  • Develop detail and expand and explain ideas.

Resources to help:

Bullet Points Punctuation PowerPoint

Bullet Point Punctuation Activity


Please make sure that you continue to do at least three 20 minute slots of Reading Plus during the week. This will also be available for you during the Summer holidays if you wish to use it.


Topic – Investigations

This week in maths, we will be looking at investigations and using our problem solving skills.

Resources to help:

Colour by Calculation –

Multiplication and Division Facts

Disco Colour By Calculation –

Multiplication Facts


The Mystery of the Missing Umpire

Additional activities




This week we will be beginning to think about moving on and saying goodbye to Harlow Green. We will be doing some art work as a montage about our time at Harlow Green. This will involve using words, pictures, drawings and symbols to represent the memories we have of our time at school.


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