Year 4 Weekly English and Maths- 06/07/20


In English, we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text.

Comprehension Text – Diary entry

Egypt diary text

Diary comprehension questions

Diary comprehension answers

Grammar focus – Complex sentences

Complex sentences can also be referred to as multi-clause sentences.

A complex sentence is formed when you join a main clause and a subordinate clause with a conjunction. A subordinate clause is one that relies on a main clause to make sense.

For example-
I love roast potatoes although my mum prefers them mashed.
If you want to get all your spellings right, you need to prepare for the spelling test tomorrow.

Subordinate conjunctions mat

Complex sentence ppt

Complex sentence activity

Subordinate Clauses Differentiated Activity Sheets

There are 3 levels of sheets for the last activity, so choose one to complete. The answers are given at the end.

Writing task

Write a diary entry. You could write it about a special day that has happened recently. As an alternative, your diary entry could also be written as if you are one of the characters from the books that we have read this year. For example- you could write it as if you are Henry Finch recording what happened on the day he had his first thought.

What I’m Looking For:

  • Written in the first person- I, me, my, myself
  • Written in the past tense for the main events
  • Events written in chronological order
  • Include personal feelings and emotions
  • Complex sentences
  • Time fronted adverbials

Resources to help:

Diary Writing Powerpoint

Diary examples

Diary Planning Sheet


Children should spend 20 minutes at least three times per week using Reading Plus.



In Maths, we will spend a week focusing on a particular topic, eg. shape or place value. Activities will then be set on Mathletics that are based upon this subject.

Topic – Decimals (including money)

This week we will continue to looking at understanding decimals, going back over some of the basics from last week to make sure that they are clear as the lessons last week were quite in depth and intense.  Fractions, decimals (and then percentages) form a significant part of the Year 5 curriculum.  We covered fractions in depth after Christmas in school, so we just want to ensure the children have had a chance to develop some understanding of decimals before they move forward in school.

Resources to help:

This week we will using a mix of resources.   Some additional worksheets are attached too as the White Rose work can jump ahead quite quickly.   As usual, you set the pace – work through it at the pace that you and your child is comfortable.

There is a place value chart that the children have used in school before attached as a link below if you want to print it off or put it on screen to help – this is always useful when working with decimals.

Place Value chart


Consolidation – Tenths as decimals.

There is a video and Powerpoint / PDF for today’s lesson so you can choose either or or have a go at both.  It is all about securing the understanding of 10ths.  There is then an activity or order the decimals which requires some cutting and sticking!

Monday – 10ths and decimals PDF

Monday – 10ths and decimals PPT

Monday – 10ths as decimals

Monday – answers 10ths as decimals

Monday – orders decimals with 10ths


Consolidation – Tenths and Hundredths as decimals.

Today there are a selection of activities to help the children secure 100ths alongside 10ths as decimals.

For the pairs cards, cut them out, lay them all out and turn them over all mixed up.  Turn one over and then see if you can find the matching pair.  If you get it wrong, turn them both back over.  If you get it right, you get to keep the pair.

Lesson Presentation Tenths and Hundredths

Tuesday – Pairs Cards

Tuesday matching activity with answers

Tuesday – decimal equivalent for 10ths and 100ths

Tuesday challenge – differentiated converting fractions to decimals


Tenths on a number line.

Activity:  Today the children are learning about 10ths on a number line using decimals and the easiest way is to get out a rule or tape measure that has cm and mm on it.  If you haven’t got a ruler or tape measure at home, then there is a picture of one attached that you can put on screen or print out and cut out.  Measure things around the house, recording the measurements in cm and mm as decimals.  For example, 10cm and 3mm will be 10.3cm.  This is a great way of looking at 10ths on a number line as the mms are tenths of cms.  This activity will help to learn about reading with tenths.  There are then some challenges below;

Wednesday – 10ths on a number line PDF

Wednesday – 10ths on a number line PPT

Wednesday – 10ths on a number line

Wednesday – Answers 10ths on a number line



Comparing Decimals

Today we look at how we compare decimals, and again a great way to do this is with money!  Always read the decimal as though it is your pocket money…

Would you rather have £0.03p or £0.21p?  Or even better – £3.21p?

Thursday – compare decimals

Thursday – Answers compare decimals

Thursday – differentiated compare decimals with answers

Have a go at this game, drawing in the greater than or less than arrows – use your mouse on a computer or finger on a tablet.  This is a free page so there are a few adverts on the page.


Additional activities:

Complete your Mathletics challenges and have a go at this challenge if you are feeling brave!

Use today to finish off any other bits of work from the week too.  Test your 8 times table on Maths Frame, see if you can get 25 out of 25.

Times Table Rockstars:

Focus this week is the 8 times tables.

If you want to do a morning Times Table Rockstar challenge the same way we do in lessons, then attached are sheets that we would have used for the last 3 weeks of term.  Follow this link to find the playlist on the Times Table Rockstars page if you want a fun, music challenge.  The sheets are set up to do 5 sessions a week.  Feel free to use them once or twice a week or to do all 5 if you are up for the challenge!

Week 5 6 and 7 – questions (3)

General Revision – English, Maths, Reading, Grammar.

If you would like some general revision challenges that will cover elements from Maths and English since September, then these Classroom Secrets sheets are an excellent tool to use.

Summer term revision 5

Summer term revision 5 answers

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